Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

So me and the sewing machine have become buddies... kind of. I started on my epic battle to make 15 embroidered pictures for my book. The first one was almost quite a narrative image, however I wanted to leave sections of it 'unfinished' as it looked more affective like this and it ties through with the idea of these people being missing. I also half way through the sewing decided to leave the threads loose as an experiment to see how it looked and I think it worked well so I took this further in the other images. A friend made a comment that he thought the image looked better on the reverse side of the fabric and when I asked another person's opinion they agreed and also mentioned there were not sure how affective the coloured fabric was. So with this in mind I moved onto some other images, always turning the fabric over to see the reverse affect. I also altered the needle thread tension in places, which is what produced the loop affect in the thread on the bottom image, though it is not that clear on here. I was really pleased with how they came out and I think leaving the images partially 'incomplete' worked well- making the images slightly ambiguous but also still conveying basic shape and form.

However, I am now feeling a bit hesitant about the idea of a book, as I think the images might work better on just one huge piece of fabric, which would be hung, then the loose threads will fall naturally. Also using intertwining images would be another advantage of one big piece of fabric. I also need to consider different coloured threads and if that may add interest to the images... I need to quickly sketch out some ideas in terms of layout and how this may work and a very mini version to see if this would work on the sewing machine. I'm also really conscious that time is running out now, so whatever decision I make, I need to make it in the next day.... I think I need to take advantage of the last tutored day tommorow to get some feedback.


  1. I love these! Especially the ones with the loose threads coming from the eyes, theres something very eerie about them. Are you still doing the huge family book idea? x

  2. Hola saara only just seen this... I kept skipping from one idea to another but I have done a series of these images and manipulated them a bit and I'll hang them in the exhibition. Hope you are not as behind as me!! xx